Stylish Mustaches

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Change your mustache like you change your socks! This collection of seven stylish mustaches allows you to have a dashing new look for each day of the week. Monday you're the Hero, Thursday you're the Weasel. Keep them for yourself or share them with friends. Each package is a mustache party in the making. Made of life-like synthetic hair and backed with adhesive tape, these little lip-rugs can dramatically change your appearance, giving you a debonair and unpredictable appeal. Want to be more rugged? More suave? More sinister? Just pick the mustache that suits your needs.

Having a fake mustache opens up all sorts of awesome possibilities in life. Create a different persona around each mustache style and become the one that best suits your mood. Save tasty crumbs in your mustache to enjoy later on. Look too young? A mustache can make you look older. Tired of being recognized when you go to the store or your favorite bar? A mustache lets you go about your business unnoticed. Declare one of the mustaches to be your pet, name it "Stachey" and make everyone you meet pet it. The possibilities are endless!

And then, at the end of the day, when you're done enjoying your mustache perks, simply peel it off. You get all the perks of having a mustache without the commitment.

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